You can make money from Affiliate Marketing if you have patience. Affiliate Marketing exists for a long time. Many of the publishers (website owners) earn from Affiliate Marketing. They make Affiliate Marketing as their primary source of income. Top companies including Amazon provide Affiliate Marketing feature to the audience. That’s why small and Medium business persons choose affiliate marketing as their income source for their website.  Affiliate Marketing is nothing but earning income or commission from the sales.

They post affiliate links in their website’s blog posts. Once a sale is made, they will earn commissions given by the companies like Amazon. You can earn money from redirecting your traffic visitors to sign up, submit a lead form, clicks (CPA), sales and downloads.  You can join free in most of the affiliate programs.

You would get a unique link to track the orders, sales and so on which you generate from your website.

Types of Affiliate Programs:

  • Pay Per Click Model (PPC):In this method, you can redirect your traffic to the affiliate’s website in order to generate money.
  • Pay Per Sale Model (PPS): In this method, you can make money by making your visitors to make a purchase from your link.
  • Pay Per Lead Model (PPL): In this method, you would make profit by making your traffic to submit a lead form.

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s start with a good note. You, as a website publisher, gets a commission from the sales you made from the affiliate link. It is the very old marketing strategy now. It’s also an easier one when comparing to other methods. Because, you don’t need to make a digital product or create a product. You need to focus only on marketing. That’s the power of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing seems to be a passive income arena.