Basics of speakers


Basics of speakers Speakers are used you to listen to music on your phone, enjoy a film at the cinema or hear a friend’s voice over the phone. Basically speakers convert electrical signal into an audible sound, speakers contain an electromagnet, a metal coil which creates a magnetic field when an electric current flows through it. Inside a speaker, an electromagnet is placed in front of a permanent magnet. The permanent magnet is fixed into position whereas the electromagnet is mobile. As pulses of electricity pass from the audio IC through the coil of the electromagnet, the direction of [...]

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How does continuity mode work in multimeter?


How does continuity mode work in multimeter? If there is very low resistance between two points, which is less than a few ohms, the two points are electrically connected and you’ll hear a continuous sound. This mode is also called as “diode mode”, “buzzer mode” If the sound isn’t continuous or if you don’t hear any sound at all, it means that what you’re testing has a faulty connection or isn’t connected at all. Note : if you are testing continuity you must should turn off the system. Turn off the power supply. Touch the two probes together [...]

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Mobile Phone Repairing Tools and Equipment


We can see here some equipment’s and tools  for mobile service 1.Soldering Iron or Soldering Station: Used to Solder components 2. PCB Stand: Used to Hold PCB 3.Solder Wire (Lead): Used to Solder 4.IPA solution: Used to Clean PCB 5.Jumper Wire: Used to joint an One Point to another Point on aPCB 6.Blade Cutter: Used to Cut and Remove Lamination 7.Precision Screwdriver set: Used to Remove and Tighten Screws from Mobile Phone 8.Tweezers: To Hold the Components during removing or fixing on PCB board 9.Brush: For Cleaning 10.Multimeter: To Check [...]

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Small intro about diodes


What is a Diode? A diode which passes only the electric current of a particular polarity from one side. This is used for rectification and switching.Several types of diodes are used in electronic instruments and gadgets. Chip diodes are used in mobile cell phones. Those are surface mount devices (SMD). Surface mount devices are soldered with special soldering technique Facts about Diodes Indicating in schematics of Diode: D or V or PD Function:ConvertingAC to DC and Do the Switching. Types of Diode in Mobile Phone and their Function 1. Signal Diode This type of diode is used for detecting signals. These diodes are made of [...]

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