IPA Solution for hardware service


IPA Solution for hardware service Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is one type of solution it is used for cleaning printed circuit boards (PCBs). It has some main advantages: It’s cheap IPA displaces water well, allowing surfaces to dry It removes ionic contamination. During water lock in mobile it will help more(we already uploaded how to fix water locked mobile like a professional) IPA has been used to remove flux residues soldering and as a general cleaner to remove oil, grease, and other handling soils. Use a concentration higher than 70% for effective results Proper IPA [...]

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Dead Mobile checking and fixing step by step


STEP BY STEP GUIDELINES Basically dead mobiles are called as not getting to turning on or not able to boot a mobile phone. STEP 1: Check battery. Most of the dead mobile phone problems are causes with battery and its performance.Approximately battery voltage is3.7v you can check this with using multimeter in voltage mode, if it is around 3.6v you can proceed to next step or else proceed in further. You can boost your battery with battery booster. After boosting your battery check the voltage again, if it is boosted at rated [...]

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How to Repair water lock Mobiles like a Professional


STEP BY STEP GUIDELINES If your mobile phone is dropped into water, it can have various problems like it may not power on (we called as dead mobile), it may restart sometimes, in some cases it produce overheat while normal usage (although it is normal in some models!), its battery may drain and discharge in quick, it may hang and freeze frequently etc. those problems are effect of short-circuit in a mobile board. Here you can learn how to check short in mobile phones also water lock removing methods. If you [...]

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