Chapter One

  • Why Facebook Ad Is Important?

  • Essentials of Facebook Advertising

  • Importance of Image Ads

  • Importance of Video Ads

 Chapter Two

  • What is Lead Ads?

  • Specifications of Lead Ads

  • Excellent Mobile Responsiveness of Mobile Ads

  • Lead Ads allow highly targeted segments

 Chapter Three

  • Why Carousel Ad Is Important?

  • Image Ads vs. Carousel Ads

  • Carousel Ads for A Business

  • Examples of Carousel Ads

 Chapter Four

  • Messenger Ads and its essentials

  • Why Messenger Ads?

  • Messenger Ads for Better Engagement

  • Examples of Messenger Ads

 Chapter Five

  • Stories Ads and Its Essentials

  • Why Stories Ads?

  • Stories Ads for Better Output

  • Examples of Stories Ads

 Chapter Six

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • How to Get Your Target Audience’ Attention

  • One Placement Bidding Strategy

  • Reach The Right Audience At The Lower Cost

 Chapter Seven

  • Facebook Ads Strategy for Business Persons

  • Strategy Goals

  • Importance of Traffic and Engagement

  • Examples Of Successful Campaigns

 Chapter Eight

  • Launching Your First Ad Campaign

  • How to Use Facebook Ads Manager?

  • Understanding the Ad Objectives and Choosing It Rightly

  • How to Create Your First Facebook Ad?

 Chapter Nine

  • Finding Your Custom Audience

  • Facebook Lookalike Audience

  • Interest-Based Ads Targeting

  • How to Use Custom Audience?

 Chapter Ten

  • Common Questions And Doubts

  • What would be the Good Budget for Facebook Ads?

  • How to Increase/ Decrease CPC/ CPA?

  • Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads