Starting a blog and monetising it could provide many opportunities to the online business persons. Right from SEO to digital marketing, all you can get from one place. i.e, WordPress. WordPress has two versions. One is free wordpress platform.  Another is a crucial one which I recommend to use .  

You can get hosting and domain from hosing providers like go daddy, bluehost, hostinger, host gator. Because, hosting plays like a role of house for the online world like launching a website.

Ok, alright. Now, you have planned to create a blog. Now, you might wonder what are the earning potentials you have while creating a website. I have listed some of the ways to earn money online from your website. They are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling own products

What is Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is Google’s publisher network which provides earning opportunity to the website owners , technically publishers. In order to monetise your website with Google Adsense, you need quality contents in your website. For that, you need to write various blog posts. I recommend beginners to start writing atleast 20 blog posts to 50 blog posts in order to get approval from Google Adsense.  Google distributes 32% of its earnings from Google Adwords to its publishers like you. The other 68% will be kept by Google itself.

Google Adsense is one of the largest publisher networks available now.  Where beginners prefer Google Adsense; the experts prefer mediatdotnet.

There could be some issues you face while you submit your website for review to the Google Adsense.  They are low value content, thin content and plagarised content.

Low Value Content means your blog posts need more highly qualified contents to be posted straight away. Thin content also refers to the low value content. The standard of your blog posts don’t meet the standards required by Google.

The plagiarised content means you have spinned and written a copied content from other sources.  There are some alternatives available for Google Adsense to earn higher. One of them is mediadotnet.  But, compaaring to Adsense, mediadotnet requires higher traffic from your website.  Shoutmeloud is one of the highest earning blogs in India from Google Adsense as well as Mediadotnet.

Other networks like infolinks, bidvertiser are notable ones.  To earn more from Google Adsense, here are some ways.

Start a niche: You are expert by default in your niche. Niche is nothing but your expertise area. For example, let’s take an example: Suresh is a content expert and so he starts a website by selecting “earn money online and job ” niche. The other x factor is the traffic where you get from. Like from Tier 1 countries , Tier 2 countries, or Tier 3 countries.

Tier 1 countries provide better result and earning outcome.  And another one is marketing your website online. I suggest you to use organic search results in order to gain momentum.

Top Website in India Using Google Adsense:


This website covers technology related blog posts and monetising with Google Adsense.

You could start slowly and earn huge passive income from Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing : The Power of Monetisation

Once you gained traction, you can upgrade your strategy by going for Affiliate Marketing. Mostly, all the major platforms support affiliate marketing.

Some of them listed below.

  • Amazon
  • Udemy
  • Guvi
  • Fiverr

You can apply online for these platforms and partnered with them as an affiliate marketer.  Since, the listed platforms are well-known one, buyers can easily buy from your links. Affiliate Marketing is nothing but, redirecting your website traffic by providing a link of the affiliate network and convert them as sale.

Apart from the above networks, you can also check earnkaro   

Earnkaro is an aggregator which comprises many affiliate networks which allow users to promote them. The minimum withdrawl amount for this website is as low as Rs.10.

Amazon provides affiliate program which can be availed and monetised by the website owners. The wordpress  allows publishers to assign the link anywhere in the blog posts. You can promote any membership plan Amazon has and all the products it has under its name. You can promote kindle’s membership plan and prime plan . You can promote the laptop, phone, books and so on.If no sales happened from your Affiliate link for the last 180 days, your Affiliate status would be downgraded.

Udemy, which is the largest online course platform also offers courses from programming to teaching, from content writing to digital marketing, all under its name provides affiliate program . Whoever has websites, can join in their affiliate program and start promoting their courses in order to get monetised.

Guvi, is the latest entrant in the affiliate marketing space. Guvi is the online vernacular learning platform which offers its courses in the Tamil Language, Hindi, and English as well. It also partners with top companies to provide 100% job placement.

Fiverr is playing a big role in the gig economy which also offers affiliate marketing to the publishers (website owners). The dashboard of Fiverr affiliates provide all the essential  banners and links.

If you know some other prominent affiliate networks, mention it in the comment section. Let me check them.

Selling Own Products

This one is the advanced part in blogging. Selling your own products like books and digital products like ebooks, audiobooks make you a richer one. You could sell novels, poems, non-fiction. E-commerce is a vital area in which we need to focus on more digital marketing.

We, at, Mathi Academy excels in digital marketing , SEO, website creation, and so on.  You can create ecommerce website from wordpress’s Woocommerce plugin. Blogging play’s a marketers’ role in the digital space. By blogging you can also promote your own products, which can be available on Amazon.  So, the stages of blogging sets from Google Adsense to selling own products. Comparing to running an offline business, online business seems to be so easy and so cheaper one.


So, these are the some points to note from creating a blog from scratch and its benefits. As I mentioned earlier, you can start posting two blog posts per week which can provide you more passive income later on.