We can see here some equipment’s and tools  for mobile service

1.Soldering Iron or Soldering Station: Used to Solder components

2. PCB Stand: Used to Hold PCB

3.Solder Wire (Lead): Used to Solder

4.IPA solution: Used to Clean PCB

5.Jumper Wire: Used to joint an One Point to another Point on aPCB

6.Blade Cutter: Used to Cut and Remove Lamination

7.Precision Screwdriver set: Used to Remove and Tighten Screws from Mobile Phone

8.Tweezers: To Hold the Components during removing or fixing on PCB board

9.Brush: For Cleaning

10.Multimeter: To Check PCB Track and Electronic Components

11.Blower (S.M.D Rework Station): To Remove and Solder SMD / Chip Components

12.Battery Booster: To Boost Voltage of Battery

13.Ultrasonic Cleaner: To Clean PCB and Electronic Components

14.BGA Kit: To Reball and Repair Ball-Type IC

15.Magnifying Lamp(Lens): To Get Magnified View of PCB and Components

16.Regulated DC Power Supply: To Supply DC Electricity to the PCB during battery failure condition as well as board short checking

17.Liquid Flux: To Clean PCB Track and Legs of Electronic Components While Soldering

18.Paste Flux: Used While Soldering

19.File / Cleaning Sponge: To Clean Tip of Soldering Iron

20.Desoldering Wire: To Desolder Electronic Components and To Remove Excess Solder from PCB Track

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